About The Founder, Shani

photo.PNG-4Brooklyn-born and Haitian-bred Shani Bellegarde is a 2008 alumna of Lafayette College and POSSE Foundation Scholar; she holds a BA degree in Government & Law.

She has worked her entire career, thus far,  within the Investment Banking industry  starting with her internship and full-time position with Lehman Brothers. After the infamous Lehman bankruptcy, she worked with Barclays Bank PLC and currently works at a top Wall Street firm. Throughout her experience she has worked in various Infrastructure and PMO (Project Management Office) functions.

Although being natural throughout the course of her career, she noticed the tremendous shift in women of color embracing their natural kinks and curls yet the shift was not reflected at the same level in corporate environments. Everyday at work, she saw little to no women of color wearing their hair natural and was met with comments like, “You’re so bold to wear your hair like that to work; I could never do that”, “I can’t do it because I don’t want to deal with the constant questions”, “It’s just too much work! I just don’t have the time for all that fuss” and the list goes on.

Shani wanted to prove to these women and others that natural hair IS professional and that once women embrace that part of themselves they become more powerful, confident, and effective in their careers which can lead to the success they all wish for. Hence, the birth of Suits & Roots.

So read, share, discuss, and most of all enjoy!

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